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Actor Headshot Workshop Event

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I recently photographed the very talented Luca Malacrino , he is a welsh actor currently living in Los Angeles . Whilst he visited family in Cardiff, we got together & created some beautiful photographs. We concentrated on the essence of emotion & how important it is to express real feelings when having your headshots taken . Potential agencies & professional people within the industry want to feel they can connect with you through a image , they also want your photographs to look professional & stand out from the crowd .

I am looking to put together a headshot day in Cardiff within the near future . During the workshop you will have a opportunity to meet others within the industry & aspiring actors . You would also learn how to connect with the photographer & how to pose in front of the camera .

You will learn about styling , makeup , hair. , skincare , posture tips & hints.

I will also be looking to have a professional actor currently in the industry there to talk to you about their story . The actor will also be the first person to take centre stage in front of the camera to demonstrate .

I will be hosting the event at a brand new large studio situated in Cardiff . Maximum of fifteen spaces only .

Please feel free to contact me via email or any of my social media sites to request more information.

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